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Whales and Dolphins


Whales we see – most commonly Minke whale but also Orca and Fin Whale

Whales do not “interact” with us at all. The sightings are very special but can also be brief as these whales are normally migrating. This means, that unlike Dolphins, we have to search a large ocean to find whales and despite our extensive knowledge and our navigation and search equipment it is a little less predictable.

Only our offshore sailing is dedicated to whale and dolphin watching. We occasionally see dolphins inshore but we do see porpoises every day inshore.


We have been involved in the Ramsey Waters for over 35 years and have developed a very dedicated team of guides. Even so when in 2002 we announced that we would offer offshore Whale and Dolphin watching a few eyebrows were raised.

We used our commercial expertise of the offshore waters along with our academic training to identify times and areas where we believed we would encounter dolphins and whales. Now it is one of our most popular sailings with common dolphin being seen on 90% of sailings and whales on 20%.

Dolphins we see – Common DolphinBottlenoseRissos

The dolphins tend to come to find us and we respectfully let them “interact” as they wish. Pods of up to 500 are very common and when they choose to follow our vessels they are only a few inches away from you.

All the photographs on this site are taken from our vessels to give you an indication of how breathtaking these encounters are.

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