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Whales and Dolphins


The most common whales we spot close to the Pembrokeshire coastline are Minke Whales and Fin Whales. However, they are not the only species to have been seen in the Irish Sea and Celtic Deep, we have also seen Humpback Whales and Orcas.

Whale sightings are very special, as they don’t happen too often and they can be very brief. Whales do not interact with us or the boat, they are solely focused on feeding and migrating. This means, unlike with dolphins, we have to search large areas of the sea to find whales, and despite our extensive knowledge and navigational search equipment, they are less predictable where they will be.

Our Offshore Island and Dolphin Voyages are dedicated to spotting Cetaceans. A firm favourite of our trips, with a 90% success rate of spotting dolphins and a 20% success rate of spotting whales. 


Dolphins are offshore creatures but will often come close inshore to feed. The most common types of dolphins we spot near the Pembrokeshire Coastline are Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, and Risso’s Dolphins. 

These sightings are always very exciting on our voyages, as the dolphins are very sociable creatures and will often come and interact with the boat, bowriding and leaping alongside out the water! If they choose to do this, we respectfully let them ‘interact’ as they wish. 

Superpods of up to 500 dolphins are very common, which means we get spectacular sightings, and often we will see mothers with their calfs feeding too.

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