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Our Wildlife

Explore the Pembrokeshire Coast with us and observe the amazing wildlife.

The Atlantic Grey Seals are resident all year and the strong static population is one of the worlds most important. Found around all the islands and some of the mainland coast their numbers peak in late summer when they give birth to their pups.

Then of course we have the cetaceans – the Whales and Dolphins. Normally on our offshore sailings (not the Ramsey Island sailing) we have some of the most regular and best sightings in the UK. These tend to be between May and September.

We have resident and migratory nesting birds and their importance is such that the RSPB have made Ramsey Island a reserve. From the rare chough to comical puffins and of course the magnificent gannet these birds come to Ramsey island and the outer islands for the natural protection as well as the food rich waters.

We have other less regular sightings of creatures such as sea otters, turtles and sunfish. Basking shark, blue and mako shark feature in our sightings whilst the strangest creature we ever saw was a single pink flamingo flying down the Ramsey Sound!

“We are so lucky in having such a myriad of wildlife right here, and it has been a privilege to be raised in an area with such biodiversity.”


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