“We prefer to talk to our customers rather than offer an automated booking system as it helps us understand exactly what the customer wants and then to match them to the right sailing”. John

You can make a booking in several ways and at any time.

TELEPHONE ON 01437 721911 OR 0800 854367

We are open all year (7 days a week April to November and 7 Days a week November to April or Monday to Friday if we are not sailing). We will discuss with you your requirements and advise of the sailings suitable. At busy times our lines can get jammed, especially if the office is also full of customers, so if you do not get an immediate answer then please try again within minutes. If we miss a call we will try and call you back.


You can make a payment via our gift vouchers page – this will confirm your tickets and get you a discount – it will not confirm day and date – you will need to validate these by calling us.


Simply email us and we will respond promptly with options.


Open all year and in peak times 0800 to 2100 hrs.


Booking Process

It sounds a faff – it’s not and is a quick and seamless process.

You MUST tell us of any restrictions, disabilities, conditions etc that apply to your party. The person who books is responsible for this. The person who books is also responsible for passing all information on to others in the party.


Booking in person at the office

If you book and pay at the office we do this all in one procedure. Allow 30 minutes from booking to get to the departure point.


Booking by telephone

If you book by telephone then this is the procedure:

  • We agree with you the sailing and sailing time.
  • A note is made of special requests or restrictions etc.
  • We agree the passenger numbers and adults/children (for children we need their ages) and the ticket price.
  • Then we take your credit card details – we may or may not process payment at that time. If you want to pay cash on the day tell us and we may agree to hold your card details as a whole deposit.
  • We will take your mobile or contact number.
  • Your booking is confirmed.


Prior to departure or even before setting off to visit us

  • Feel free to call us to check that every thing is confirmed and ready to go. For our offshore early morning sailings we will often try and contact you but do not guarantee on it.
  • You need to come into our office and validate your booking by collecting your tickets. This has to be done (unless we have agreed a particular arrangement with you – useful for coast path walkers etc). It also enables us to meet our customers and identify any last minute problems.
  • You can call into our office at any time during opening hours to pick up your ticket but at the very latest 45 minutes prior to sailing (this includes the 30 minutes as below) – if you are delayed call us and we will advise options if we can).
  • Make sure you have appropriate clothing or arrange to borrow something from us.
  • We will give you directions for you to get yourself to the departure point, St Justinians, which is 3 miles away. In the summer months there is a bus service (that we financially support), you can walk, take a taxi or drive. If driving allow 30 minutes ( tractors on road etc). Please remember that if you are late for your sailing there is no automatic refund.
  • There is ample parking at St Justinins. At the cliff side there are laybys with about 30 car spaces – these are free and there is a disabled space, but they fill up quickly.
  • You may use this area as a drop off point if you are parking further up the road. About 250m up the road is Rhosson Car Park (100 spaces) signposted on the left. This is Pay and Display and is £3.00 for the full day. We own this car park (profits all used for our charitable means and to subsidise the bus service) so if you have any problems here then call us. If you have anybody not wanting to walk the 250 m then drop them off at the end of the road first.
  • At St Justinians walk down the steps and look or be greeted by our boarding master. He will check your ticket and ensure that you are on the right boat. He will escort you to the boat when it comes in and he will advise you of any problems. He has constant communication with the office and the boats. He may have some all weather jackets if required.

This all sounds faff — its not —- its a quick simple procedure and if it did not work then we would not be able to do up to 35 sailings a day and keep all of our customers happy !

Enjoy your sailing!



There are decent public toilets in St Davids (next to the Sound Cafe). The sound cafe also has a baby changing thingy in its toilet (buy a coffee and be a customer though!)

At St Justinians at the lower lay-bys there are porta-loos (kindly provided by the local council) in the peak times.

At our car park further up the road there is a small old fashioned toilet block in the campsite field. Its basic but clean.

On board there is a bucket and some-where to hide!



St Davids can get busy in the summer and parking is restricted so allow as much time as you can. You may have to use one of the several Pay and Display Car parks to come and collect your tickets but if you do then make the most of St Davids for the day. If you have to use one of the St Davids car parks then show us the ticket and we will subsidise your St Justinians Car Park ticket by 50p (we cannot give a cash refund but we will give you a ticket cheaper issued at our office).

Also note that after many years of freedom a traffic warden has found St Justinians, so do not in any event park on the double yellows even if some one else has. It also blocks the emergency access to the Life Boat.



If you are a family, group or educational group ask for a discount.
Let us know when you book if you have any special requirements, wishes or restrictions.

When booking in advance sailing times can be adjusted according to weather and logistics. If this may be a problem then let us know.
If you want a brochure or more info or there is anything else we can help with then please do call us on 01437 721 911 or email us.