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Grassholm Island

Grassholm (Welsh: Gwales or Ynys Gwales) is a small uninhabited island situated 13 kilometres (8 miles) off the southwestern Pembrokeshire coast in Wales, lying west of Skomer.

It is the westernmost point in Wales and is known for its huge colony of gannets. Grassholm has been owned since 1947 by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, and is one of its oldest reserves.

Grassholm National Nature Reserve is the third most important site for gannets in the world, after two sites in Scotland; St Kilda and Bass Rock . It serves as a breeding site for 39,000 pairs of the birds, and supports around 10 percent of the world population.

The turbulent sea around Grassholm also provides good feeding ground for porpoises and common dolphins and provides a focal point for our offshore voyages.

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