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Ramsey Island Voyage

The Ramsey Island boat trip is our most popular voyage, suitable for all ages and available all year, with limited winter sailings.

Incorporating the dramatic sea caves and sailing through the narrow rock gorges we circumnavigate Ramsey Island looking for the Atlantic Grey Seals and Harbour Porpoise along with a multitude of both migrating and nesting seabirds. We take tens of thousands of passengers on this voyage every year with each trip being uniquely different making for an exciting voyage not just for passengers but for the skipper and crew on board too!

Join us on one of these unforgettable voyages and discover why thousands of people just can’t keep themselves from coming back.



1hr fully guided wildlife voyage



All ages from babes-in-arms and all abilities. Some restrictions may apply at times.



Porpoises, seals, birds and some of the caves.



09:00, 10:15, 11:30, 12:45, 14:00, 15:15, 16:30 & 18:00 hrs



Daily from late March to mid November and then limited sailings in winter months.


  • £30 per person. £15 under 5s'


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30 years ago we were the first to identify that a fun packed one hour voyage is what people really wanted. Most did not want a drawn out, slow passage with just glimpses of wildlife and heritage features. They wanted to get there fast and have a whole mixture of experiences, to become engrossed and lose track of time. It had to be suitable for all ages and abilities and make sure that everyone had their own unique experience. So with the help of our specialist boats and some expert skippers and guides, the Ramsey Voyage was born. Of course in time everyone else tried to emulate our success.

Now it is our most popular sailing and the busiest on the whole coast. Tens of thousands of people take this sailing every year. It might surprise you but, on busy days with 3 boats running, we can operate this sailing 30 times a day. Yet the customer would never tell, as each sailing is delivered with the same passion and vigour as if it were the only one. Each sailing is different and tailored to those on board, the prevailing conditions and wildlife reports.

Ramsey Island is beautiful in all respects and whether you land, take a voyage or just look at it from a distance on the mainland, it will remain with you for ever.

However, if you really want to experience the wildlife and get close enough to feel part like you’re a part of it, then you have to take a voyage. Nearly all of its outstanding features and wildlife are at the waters edge, on and in the surrounding rich waters. You can only experience this in vessels that are built for the purpose and we can only share them with expert guiding.

Starting at St Justinians (departe point), we power up across the notorious Ramsey Sound.

In minutes we will have crossed the mile wide sound and arrived at Ramsey. Depending on the state of tide, we will explore the massive tidal flow over the Bitches Rocks and stop and talk about some of its shipwrecks.

From there we will choose a route around the island. Each sailing will be different and we will choose the very best bits available on the day. Most sailings will cover the whole island although sometimes if we have dramatic Atlantic swells, we may cover the more comfortable sections.

The sailing will be a whole mixture of powering up, creating some exhilaration, and passing the “boring bits” and then suddenly pulling in and stopping and talking with you about the wildlife. We will get you close to the wildlife and share our knowledge and passion for it. We will engage with you rather than ramble on a dictated passage and we like a bit of spontaneous humour!


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