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Our Vessels

Our vessels, Viking Voyager, Viking Explorer & Viking Pioneer are built by our own company 30 years ago we started to develop our own RHIBs and have now export them all round the world. They are such a versatile craft and built specifically for our boat trips – allowing quick access to challenging waters and passenger comfort in confused seas. Our RHIBs have become so popular we have manged to supply these to all the continents on the globe, even Antarctica!

We have a fleet of RHIBs and our customer’s love them – so why are RHIBs the most popular?

  • They offer the most stable and safe platform
  • Suitable for all ages
  • They have twin engines making them much safer and far more economical at cruise speeds
  • Their maneuverability also means that we can observe wildlife in a far more respectful way
  • They can sail our strong tides with ease
  • For those who suffer sea sickness – it is very rare on these vessels as they do not pitch and roll.
  • Allow us to reach the most interesting areas quicker
  • And of course allow us to have a little adventure which is always tailored to those onboard
Boat Upkeep

All vessels are inspected and approved by the MCA and we adopt strict audited maintenance regimes. Our engines are the least polluting and comply with the strictest EPA standards.

We regularly sell on our RHIBs and build new ones, maintaining our vessels are updated with the lasts and safest technology on the market.

No matter how good a boat it still needs a lot of care and attention. We adopt a stringent ethos of preventative maintenance and there are strict daily and weekly checks that are logged and communicated back to our office. We spare no money on maintenance or repairs.

We have a dedicated workshop with a fleet of vessels we can rotate them to bring them in for maintenance.

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