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Caring For You, Our Community And The Environment

“These waters and this very special place have supported my family and those around us for centuries. It gives us a lot so we must also give something back so that it will be there for the next generation.” John

We are privileged in being able to operate a very successful company in such amazing surroundings. Though it does place a high responsibility upon us and in particular our duty of care to:

  • The environment
  • You as our customers
  • Our employees and the local community

In addition to our environmental and safety polices we have an extensive 5 year plan. In summary the 5 year plan sets its objectives as follows:

  • Reducing its environmental footprint by 5% in the first year and then 2.5% per year achieving a total of 15%.
  • Increasing its current carbon offset from 100% to 120% within 5 years and to audit the offset credits.
  • Promote Ramsey Island for consideration as a statutory Marine Reserve.
  • To facilitate greater sharing of specific wildlife sightings and records with approved organisations.
  • To regularly audit our own operation for compliance to voluntary and statutory codes of practice.
  • To make current codes of practice written company policy.
  • To invite external audit of our operations and policies.
How we support others
  • Restricting our current charitable donations of up to £15,000 (per year) and other support to organisations that follow environmental and management best practices.
  • Increasing donations by £1,000 per year or to a minimum of 1% of turnover.
Community Support & Education
  • Offer short training schemes for local youngsters.
  • Increase free or subsidised local educational tickets.
  • Increase allocation of subsidised tickets for locals who would not or could not normally experience Ramsey Island and the offshore waters. 
Business Practice
  • To review all suppliers and to encourage them to adopt best practices. Where no effort is shown then to seek alternatives.
  • To invest in and encourage relationships with other business in the locality.

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