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Environmental Policy

“There is always a fine line between achieving a sustainable income and paying attention to our client and environment demands. We do our best and accept our responsibilities and here we detail our pledges.” Rhys

We are proud to that can adhere to the following environmental policies:

  • We are establishing ourselves as a carbon neutral company whereby any carbon emissions produced by the vessels engines are offset by investment into sustainable green forests to absorb such emissions. On a busy day we consume up to 500 litres of fuel between our vessels and we strongly believe that this must be environmentally accountable for this.
  • We financially contribute to environmental schemes and this year we are supporting with Patron HRH the Prince Of Wales
  • The journey from our office in St David’s to St Justinians is 3 miles and clients drive themselves. The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park established a Park and Ride Bus in 2001 and we co-funded the project in order to reduce car usage. We will be continuing this funding.
  • During the year 2014/15/16 we have planted 150 trees around our car park at St Justinians.
  • We are identifying a boat and walk service that will provide a days activity for clients enjoying both the water and the coast path without using their cars.
  • We take on board Codes of Conduct established by organisations such as the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Smithsonian Institute etc. We then apply our local knowledge to these and establish our own policy whereby the sanctity of the wildlife has a better need than obtrusive observation.
  • We are instrumental in the Pembrokeshire Marine Code and more recently the Ramsey Marine Code.
  • We have introduced computer-controlled engines with ultra low emissions, Year 2015 Compliant, that are also ultra quiet. All vessels run two engines simultaneously and, to reduce underwater acoustic simple harmonics, we ensure that they run at slightly separate speeds.


  • We ensure that all our personnel have a strong local bias in that they are interested in protecting our maritime heritage. Most of us are graduates in marine disciplines or ex fishermen and all are from long established families. This is more important than it sounds as we have witnessed countless times skippers and so called guides pressurising wildlife for the sake of their clients and company. Long term this does not work.
  • We limit our number of sailings to the offshore grounds as we see these as a refuge for cetaceans. We utilised many years of our own experience establishing the optimum offshore cetacean grounds and we guard carefully against releasing such detailed locations to deter unscrupulous operators.
  • All office paper and plastic waste is processed for recycling.
  • During the year 2016, our workshop has recycled 70% of their total waste and our aim is to increase this figure to 80% for the year 2017.
  • Our office car parking area is fully equipped with Solar Panels for renewable energy.
  • Our offices run of a biomass heating system will be installed by our neighbours ‘The TYF Group’, from which we will source renewable energy.
  • For the season 2017 we will be encouraging a park and cycle scheme where we will be installing a safe bike storage facility at St Justinians for all cyclists.

Ramsey Sound Tidal Energy Project – We look forward to learning the outcome of this innovative project which is being pioneered in Ramsey Sound with the aim of producing enough renewable energy to power the equivalent of all the homes in St Davids.

This is only a smattering of what we are trying to do. The common message – we want to say that we are now always looking over our shoulder to see what we can do to reduce any impacts. We have that as a common ethos with all who are involved in our business and we will extend that to all who supply our business. Small steps and big gains!

We are always here to listen to advice so if you think you could further our greener intentions then please feel free to contact us.

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