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Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards 2016

We are pleased to announce we have reached the final round in the Pembrokeshire Tourism 2016 – Best Access for the Disabled Visitor Award. We have been put up against three other great businesses that all deserve credit for the work put into providing access for disabled customers.

The primary reason for us reaching this stage is due to our new vessel ‘Viking Surveyor’, our first disabled access vessel. The vessel can carry up to 12 disabled passengers at any one time around Ramsey Island allowing those previously unable to go on a boat trip the opportunity to experience the island first hand.

Let us also take a chance to thank the hard work of all the staff both on and off the water that have helped make this possible. From the boys up the workshop helping firstly build and then maintain the vessel, the staff on the boats themselves delivering excellent service from the minute they start till the end of the day despite often working long and hard hours, and the staff on the shore in both the office and on the slipway helping coordinate the trips and making them work for both passengers and staff alike. Without the hard work of all of our staff, running these trips would be impossible.

Written 8th September 2016

St Davids RNLI Station

In June 2014 work began on St Davids RNLI new lifeboat station. Sitting adjacent to the old station, the new station sits hidden behind the cliff faces and blends beautifully with the natural surroundings. Rhys, director of the company, went down to the station several times during its construction to have a look around and see how progress was going. The station is nearly complete, with slip trials already complete and everything in place for operation in the near future.

Written 26th August 2016

Basking Shark

A fairly unusual sighting this week, a Basking Shark was spotted on our offshore voyage near the Smalls Lighthouse. The Basking Shark is a large shark found in cool waters throughout the world and feeds on plankton, filtering the plankton from the sea by passing water into its mouth from swimming. They feed close to the surface which is why they are spotted more often than other species of sharks. It is an easily identified species due to its extremely large mouth dominating the other features that the species has.

Written 6th August 2016


Viking Surveyor – Our Newest Vessel

Our newest vessel is a little different to our boats in the past. Meet ‘Viking Surveyor’ an 8.5m Quinquari Marine special, designed for disability access trips and sustainable fishing expeditions. The vessel is powered by two Evinrude 150hp outboard ETEC engines allowing us to reach our fishing spots quickly, maximising the time our passengers can spend actually fishing. The trip also has a hydraulic drop down front allowing wheelchairs, pushchairs and passengers with mobility issues to easily get onto the boat. This brings us in line with our company policy of being able to take people of all ages and mobility with us on a voyage. She is fitted with the latest Raymarine navigational equipment allowing her to be used in all conditions. She is also designed to be used for surveying work, diving charter along with the transportation of goods to offshore islands.

Surveyor is ready for operation now, opening up our voyages to those previously not able to join us. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

If you would like to take advantage of our new wheelchair vessel then please contact the office on 01437 721911 where we will be more than happy to help.

Written 2nd August 2016

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July 2016 Sightings

Over the last month we have had some incredible sightings on our trips. 2016 has probably been the best year for Minke Whale sightings over the past 5 years with multiple Minkes being spotted on various trips. Minke Whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) are the most spotted whales on our boat trips; adults are usually between 6.9m and 8m in length with record specimens being as large at 10+m, the females being on average about a metre longer than their male counterparts.  They typically live for 30-50 years with some individuals reaching 60 years. Minke Whales dive and remain submerged for up to 20 minutes and resurface taking 3-4 breaths before diving again.

The Risso’s Dolphin is another cetacean we have been seeing very regularly on our offshore trips. The Risso’s dolphin can be up to twice the size of the more regularly spotted Common Dolphin and are easy to spot due to their large dorsal fin and white appearance with lots of scarring. They are found around the world but no global statistics on population exists. The scarring on the Risso’s is due to their main source of food, oceanic squid. They are a highly active species exhibiting full breaching of the water straight vertical into the air, they have also been seen ‘surfing’ the wake of large shipping vessels.

All these sightings show how healthy and diverse our waters are here in West Wales. We have an incredible variety of wildlife from Whales to Sunfish and Dolphin to Turtles. Every trip we make offshore leads to different sightings and is an incredible experience not just for customers but for our staff on the boats too!

Written 28th July 2016

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Charity Fun Day 2016

For 2016 our chosen charity is Prostate Cymru, our first event of the year took us up the Cleddau estuary stopping at points of interest ending up in Haverfordwest. The event was a great success with all passengers saying what a fantastic afternoon and evening it was. In all we raised over £1300 for Prostate Cymru which will go towards promoting awareness and funding equipment for sufferers and families of people with prostate cancer.

We started at our usual place of departure, St Justinians, setting off through Ramsey Sound into St Brides Bay. We crossed the bay and stopped off for a short break at Skomer Island, home to the largest Puffin breeding colony in Pembrokeshire. From there we head through Jack Sound and up the Cleddau stopping at Dale and passing Milford Haven before finishing in Haverfordwest where a bus back to St Davids had been arranged.

If anyone would like to donate to Prostate Cymru then please visit their website – We can also take cash donations in our booking office in St Davids.

Thanks everyone for such an amazing day!

Written 28th July 2016