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Shearwater and Puffin Voyage

Our Shearwater and Puffin boat trip offer a stunning evening sailing around Ramsey Island and then further out to the waters of the Bishops and Clerks Islands. See colonies of puffins, see seals, and watch the tens of thousands of migrating shearwaters as the sun sets. Suitable for all ages and abilities.



1 to 1.5 hours depending on season and logistics.



All ages from babes-in-arms and all abilities. Some restrictions may apply at times.



Porpoises, seals, birds and some of the caves.



6pm through to dusk



May to end August


  • Adult: £33

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In the early days we had just one vessel and being so busy we ran from early morning to late evening. Whilst doing the evening Ramsey Voyage we would often venture little further out to watch the shearwaters and this became very popular. So soon the dedicated evening shearwater sailing evolved and grew to encompass some of the other islands.

Shearwaters, puffins, seals, porpoises around Ramsey island and then further out to the waters of the Bishops and Clerks and often to the North Bishop or South Bishop Light House, this evening sailing is a joy for all.

This particular sailing is a favourite of all of our skippers and guides. A full 1 ½ hours this sailing runs during the warmer months and only when we can be assured of Shearwaters. At other times we can offer a sunset sailing which can be especially dramatic in the equinox periods.

The same as the Ramsey Voyage, we board and fit you out and from there on it’s a mix of gentle exhilaration and visiting key points. We will invariably cover a little of Ramsey Island – maybe some of the deep sea caves on the northern part. From there we choose the best places and may even venture up to St Davids head or into St Brides Bay. When conditions are suitable the North Bishop is a prominent feature as it holds a good population of breeding puffins (seasonal).

Strangely the sailing seems to fall into two best categories. Those balmy warm evenings when the sea is like glass but also those evenings when there is a large but gentle swell – the latter can be very special.

A key feature is obviously the shearwaters , migrating from Skomer, in their tens of thousands. Often there will also be diving gannets from Grassholm and if there is a feeding frenzy there will be a myriad of other birds. We see porpoises on a very regular basis as they are resident all year. The North Bishop rock also has strong population of Atlantic Grey Seals.

Venturing further out from Ramsey there is a greater chance again of dolphins ( but please still remember that the offshore island sailing is best for these) especially on warm calm evenings around the Bishops and Clerks. Quite often we will see a pod of 50 or more common dolphin and the odd bottle nose dolphin. Whales are rare on this sailing.

At the end of the sailing we normally take a different route back so you enjoy changing vistas back to land and out to sea. We may then carefully blow the cob webs away with a sprint or navigation of the strong and intricate tides. If the Bitches are flowing in full flood we may also pay them a visit.


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