Discounts and Upgrades

“We all know that at times the economy is a tad tight and we all have to watch the pennies. We also know that our voyages are a major part of many peoples holiday, but also their budget.” John

Advance Booking – 2 days before and applies to anyone.
Telephone and QUOTE REF WWW/JP412 your booking no later than 2 days before departure to obtain.


Discounts available at any time of booking.

You can ask to get these discounts at any time – right up to the time of departure. So if you are coming to St Davids you need to print this page and bring it with you. Retrospective discounts cannot be applied.


Free Tickets?!

We offer free promotions on Facebook and Twitter from time to time so make sure you like and follow us on all the social media platforms to be in with a chance to bag yourself a free trip.


Promotions and Cards

Our own little treasure hunt – look around St Davids and you may find discount vouchers on leaflets, postcards and even beer mats in the local pubs. Take the voucher and bring them into the office when collecting your tickets to entitle you to the stated discount on the voucher.


Standby Tickets

Like any business we sometimes need to fill seats at the last minute to keep us profitable. To do this we may have some very special offers if you are prepared to jump on board at a moments notice. You can ask in the office when booking or if you are staying locally come and let us know what Voyage you are interested in and what days you are available. We will take your mobile number and if something turns up we will call or text you – do not worry we wont plague you!

Up to 50% discounts have been known! We also have some sailings leaving early in the morning and the night before we may offer last minute discounts for the next early morning sailing.


Single Person

Normally those wanting to travel on their own seem to get punished in not achieving the best deals so here it is a little surprising that we offer this discount for single tickets. The reason – our average sailing has 11 booked seats out of the 12 available so that extra seat is good for us! 5% Discount.


RSPB, OAP, Students, Disabled, Military etc.

We can offer all students, RSPB members, military personnel and blue badge holders discounts of 10%. Relevant ID must be produced for RSPB members, students, military personnel and blue badge holders. OAPs can lie a bit but not too much!



If there are four or more of you let us know the mixture of the group and we will give a minimum of 10% discount.



Depending on the sailing and time of year we can give up to 30% discount. Call to discuss.


Schools and Educational Groups

Depending on the sailing and time of year we can give up to 30% discount. Call to discuss.


Local Schools

We have a policy of wanting to share our heritage with local children and encourage them into this environment so we will provide voyages at the daily operating cost to us. Up to 50% discount available.


Resident Locals

We are lucky enough to live in the great community we do and hence offer locals a discount. Give us a call to discuss, up to 20% has been known if you catch us on a good day!


Charity Tickets

We grant over £5,000 worth of free tickets to charities each year for them to use for fundraising. Please note that from 2012 we will be assessing charities on their green credentials as well as the cause. If you would like tickets to go towards a good cause then please call or email to discuss.



We often have several vessels sailing at the different times all doing different voyages. If we have one vessel running slightly light on numbers then we may offer a free upgrade eg. from a one hour Ramsey Voyage to a 2 Hour Islands Expedition. These tend to be made available within an hour of departure.


Important Note:

All discounts are at our discretion and we may alter, deny or refuse a discount for any reason at any time. All discounts must be asked for and cannot under any circumstances be applied retrospectively.